Rhyme Challenge 2010

Booktrust are pleased to announce the arrival of The Rhyme Challenge 2010!

The Challenge is for pre-school and reception aged children and is an extension activity to our Bookstart bookgifting programme.

The main aim of the Challenge is to encourage a love of rhymes and early poetry in a fun and informal way. It is also an excellent way to increase family involvement by encouraging fathers, mothers, family members and carers to enjoy learning rhymes within the home and get involved in their child’s learning.

To take part in the challenge, just visit our library rhymetimes, where you will be given the ten nursery rhymes for you and your child to learn. The children will be awarded special certificate when they have learnt all the rhymes.

The great thing about rhymes is that you can sing them anywhere; you don’t need any musical equipment, just a few minutes a day enjoying rhymes with your child!

The rhyme challenge runs throughout the year. These are the rhymes for 2010:

Twinkle twinkle, Humpty Dumpty, This little piggy, Grand Old Duke of York, Round and round the garden, If you’re happy and you know it, Baa baa black sheep, I’m a little teapot, Incey Wincey Spider, Ring -a ring o’ roses


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