Book review – Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward

“Long ago, when we were little, me and Chrissy did something bad. We said we were going to Annie’s house to play, but we didn’t…”

These are the openly lines to a truly beautiful book. When two little sisters go fishing in a magic pond near a bluebell wood they find something better than a frog or a newt to take home. The bog baby may seem to be vulnerable and need their protection but will he thrive living in a bucket on a diet of cake crumbs?  

Bog baby is a winning combination from veteran picture book writer Jeanne Willis and promising first timer Gwen Millward. Millward’s illustrations of the magical wood are almost post impressionist in style but she has given the book a contemporary atmosphere to make this tale of children’s imaginative escapades oh so believable.  First person narrative for this age group makes the tale even more touching. One of my favourites on the Early Years list – so far!

One line review: “It isn’t easy being blue and small…”

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