Book review – Wendel’s Workshop

I’ve been enjoying the Early Years Book Award shortlist so much I’ve decided to set up my own shadowing group just like they do for the CILIP Greenaway medal.

Why not vote in our mini poll (over in the sidebar) and we’ll see if ‘the people’s choice’ is the same as the judges on September 23.

My first review is below. Please post your comments on the books  ‘cos it’s a bit lonely being in a shadowing group of one!

Wendel’s Workshop
This is the story of an inventor who makes some robots to help him out with the tidying around the workshop and has some mixed results. As always Riddell’s pictures never fail to delight and are beautiful in every detail. Wendel is the sweetest mouse since Beatrix Potter’s Timmy Willie in his little dungarees and neckerchief.

One line review: “The Iron Man for Under Fives!”

Find a copy of Wendel’s Workshop in your library


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